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Terms of Use:


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  • The provisions of these Terms of Use are for the benefit of the Company.
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Revision date: December 2020 

Privacy Policy


Own Your Journeys (the “Company”) respects the privacy concerns when you access and use its website (the “Site”), www.oy-journeys.com.

This privacy policy is created to explain what information of yours is gathered each time you visit the Site, and how your information may be used by the Company.



Personal Information

The general policy of the Company is not to collect personally identifiable information (deemed to be information such as: your name, address, or e-mail address) unless you intentionally provide it through an email or sign-up.  is automatically collected from your visit to the Site.


Non-Personal Information

Non-personal information i(deemed to be information such as: browser information, your operating system and IP address) may be recorded through the internet servers used by the Company. This information is generally collected to provide you with an enhanced experience while on the Site. 

The Site may opt to collect your contact information such as email and name (first and last), provided by you when you sign up for communication requests and documents such as, but not limited to: mailing lists, downloads, registration forms, or inquiry forms. All information collected is protected using reasonable measures and is only used for legitimate business needs by the Company. Your personal information at no time will be sold or provided to third parties. When you provide your contact information, you agree that you are granting permission for the Company to contact you regarding products, services or events provided by the Company, partners or its affiliates. You always have the option to opt-out of receiving information from the Company. 

The Company does not store or save any credit card information after being provided with it by you to purchase a product or service by the Company. 

The Company may choose to disclose your information if required by law, legal action is being taken, or if someone is using the Site in a legal or unlawful manner, and the Company or someone else, could be harmed by the actions of others.


Children Age 18 and Under

The Company recognizes the special obligation to protect personally identifiable information obtained from children age 18 and under. AS SUCH, IF YOU ARE 18 YEARS OLD OR YOUNGER, THE COMPANY REQUESTS THAT YOU NOT SUBMIT ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION TO THE SITE OR TO THE COMPANY. If the Company discovers that a child age 18 or younger has signed up on the Site or provided us with personally identifiable information, the Company will delete that child’s identifiable information from the Company records.



Information from website activity connected to your computer hardware that is stored are called cookies. Cookies are designed to aid enhance the user experience. You have control through your browser settings to turn off cookies or delete them. Refer to your browser for information on how cookies are used and how you can control them on your computer. You accept that if you choose to tur off cookies, the Site may not operate on your device in an optimal manner.



Neither the Company nor the Site knowingly permit the use of malware, spyware, viruses, and/or other similar types of software.



Links to external third party sites may be provided on this Site. If clicking a link, you accept and acknowledge that the Company is not responsible for any content, practices or privacy policies of third party websites. When you use a site linked from this Site, you accept that you are accessing and using a third party site according to its own terms of use and privacy policy. You are solely responsible for your activity on linked websites, and any information you provide on those linked websites.



When you provide your contact information as identified above, the Site may choose to contact you through electronic methods (email) with communications regarding products, services or events by the Company. You always have the choice to opt-out of receiving these communications. If at any time you are unsuccessful at opting out using the method provided in the electronic communication, please email the Company at danielle@oy-journeys.com. Include a copy or file of the electronic communication you tried to opt-out from, and confirm that you would like to be removed from the Company’s mailing list.


Potentially Global Transfer of your Information

The servers used to operate this Site, or the email collection systems used on this Site, may exist outside of Canada. As a result, when you access or provide information on this Site, you acknowledge that your information may be transferred outside of Canada. Your personal information is protected by the Company’s policies to the same standard when processed outside of this Company or Canada.


Your Access to and Control Over Your Personally Identifiable Information

You have the ability to ask the Company to review any personally identifiable information it has for you on an annual basis, or according to applicable laws. To request a review of your personally collected information, request an update or request that it be deleted, please email danielle@oy-journeys.com. Use “Privacy Request” in your email subject line.



If you have any questions or inquiries about the Company or the Privacy Policy, or as a resident of the EU and have a data privacy concern, please email: danielle@oy-journeys.com



The security of your personal information is extremely important to the Company. The Company has taken all reasonable actions to implement security features to protect your information. This includes protecting the Site from unauthorized access or improper use. By using and accessing this Site, you acknowledge and accept that there is no 100% guarantee that any activity completed by you on the internet is secure. You acknowledge that any information you provide on the internet or to the Company over the internet is done so at your own risk. risk.



By using the Site, you accept and will abide by the policies and restrictions set forth in this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to this policy, do not use the Site. The Company reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy. This page will host the most up-to-date version. Each time you access or use this Site you are agreeing that you acknowledge and accept the latest revision of this Privacy Policy.


Last Updated: December 2020

Professional Information Disclaimer

The information provided on, or referenced on this site, is done so for educational and entertainment purposes only. At no time should any information on this site be interpreted as a substitution for financial, health, career or business advice from a relevant professional, or qualified expert. The flow and growth of learning means that information changes quickly. The Company aims to provide true data at the time of initial publication, however, be aware that this information at the time you read it, may be out of date.

You agree that you are solely responsible and assume all risk associated with the use of, or reliance on, any of the information provided on this site. You agree that Own Your Journeys, including any of its representatives or suppliers (direct or indirect), shall not be responsible or in any way liable for any type of loss that you incur as a result of you taking action on any information provided on this site.