So many women are feeling restless in their careers.

You’re at that point where something in your career has to change. There’s been a growing need to make a deeper impact through your work. 

All those career success boxes have been checked off, yet, you don’t feel successful. You appreciate what you have, but want more. There’s got to be a purpose to this career path you’ve been on. Right?

You’re afraid nobody will understand you (especially to your boss), and don’t know how to move forward from where you are today, doing things differently.

You’ve reached the point where you’re ready to start exploring who you are, and are looking for guidance from someone:

  • Outside of your current organization or network for career guidance and support.
  • With a wide range of leadership experiences and skills sets to learn from.
  • Who’s felt that same restlessness and growing desire that it’s time to change what you do, how you do it, or why.

Totally understand.

That’s how I started this journey.  

Delving into the unfamiliar world and language of personal growth is made less daunting because I speak “corporate”, understand the culture you’re coming from, and incorporate new ideas and practices using familiar concepts and tools you’ve likely seen or used in your professional career.

 Almost as many careers as I have shoes.

(slight exaggeration – I have WAY more shoes!)

I’m a working Mom, with a leadership journey across multiple Fortune 500 companies, former mid-career retiree, award winning business woman. Today, I blend a corporate career with an entrepreneurial one, all while Hosting The C-Suite on Rogers tv. 

In 2015, a choice was made to step away from a 15-year career climb. Life and work not jiving, not feeling aligned to a career path created in my 20’s, and yearning to feel like there should be a purpose to what I do.

For 2 ½ years, I built a Rhyze award-winning business focused on leadership development for women and girls. Returning to the workforce in 2018, who I was, was different. How I wanted to help others was clear.

A desire to help women create choices in their careers led to the pitching, now Hosting of The C-Suite on Rogers tv.

Not every woman is able to step away from their career, but every woman deserves access to knowledge, tools and stories to help them:

  • Change the results they are getting in their career to ones they want,
  • Feel satisfied and fulfilled with their work, 
  • Connect with that greater sense of purpose through what they do. 

That’s why today, I guide women on how to explore their potential and confidently step into the next phase of their career journey, shifting from feeling frustrated to fulfilled, elevating their career results and making a deeper impact through what they do.