Your career is a journey
Own it!

Helping you to explore your potential and confidently take that next step in your career, with a sense of purpose, so you can make a deeper impact through what you do. 

One conversation at a time.

Because if you aren’t owning your career journey, who is?

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That next step in your career isn’t about up and leaving what you do, or who you work for.  

That next step is actually about growth, and can be anything from: 

  • Applying for that promotion, or…
  • Gaining new knowledge or tools to change up how you do what you do, to …
  • Starting a side-passion.

Move your career forward in a direction that feels good by having new kinds of career conversations.

With yourself, and others.

Women’s career guide for

mid-career transformers.

Leadership in a Fortune 500 company. Rhyze award-winning business owner. TV host. HR
professional. Working parent.

That’s my career journey over the last 20 years.
The past 5 years have seen the most dynamic
changes, started when I began to explore my

Today, I’m dedicated to your growth and
attentive to your needs. Here to guide you as
you transform who you are, what you do, or how
you do it to and create a sense of purpose
within what you do.

I’ve been where you are – frustrated with my career results, wanting to feel like there’s a
purpose to my career, and open to the idea of
personal growth although unfamiliar with what
that actually looks like, and a little skeptical of
the “non-corporate” sounding concepts.

So, how do I connect the two and help you to
own your career journey?

Through conversations.

Danielle has helped me to realize my potential and has truly supported me and encouraged me to move out of my comfort zone. Her advice has been helpful and on point. She has made herself available to me for those moments of self-doubt and has been an amazing sounding board. She cares about empowering women to find their potential as they move through their career journey. She is one of my biggest supporters and I can’t thank her enough.


Jennifer Campbell, Welder & CEO of The Shop

I don’t see myself as the one-and-only career resource for you. I’m one voice sharing experiences, knowledge and skills gained as a corporate leader and award-winning entrepreneur.

Enter the passion to have & share conversations with other voices.

As Host of The C-Suite on Rogers tv, Career Resources and Storytellers from Southern Ontario engage in conversations to help you to create choices in your career; connecting today’s diverse range of career challenges to solutions.

As a mid-career transformer, you’ve spent 10+ years building your career. You’ve been reflecting a lot on that journey lately, and are:

  • Realizing that the career path you are on no longer aligns with who you are (or need to be)
  • Looking for tools to approach workplace challenges in a different way,
  • Wanting to have more of a voice and ownership in the direction of your career, 
  • Feeling like there’s a bigger purpose behind what you can do, you just don’t know what that is, or how to make it happen. 

Career changes can ignite feelings of excitement or butterflies in your stomach, as well as uncertainty, fear, or doubt. 

Not having someone to turn to who can relate to what you’re experiencing, to learn from or feel supported by, can stall you from making the decisions needed to move forward. 

Or keep you right where you are. Even though it’s not where you want to be.  With career guidance, you can expect to explore your potential as you:

Get clear on what you want for yourself and your career.  Get ready to start exploring your potential.

Develop new knowledge, tools and awareness of how to do what you do … just differently

Grow and strengthen your critical thinking, decision-making, and leadership capabilities

Feel confident to take that next step on your career journey … whatever that next step means to you.